Helena's Tradition

Helena's Cleaners is a third-generation, family-owned business. We have garnered 40 years of expertise in caring for today's finest fashions. From dry-cleaning, to wet-cleaning, alterations and specialty items -we offer the highest level

service and quality to every textile that passes through our door. We want you to not only look good but feel good with your experience with us. Give Helena's a try and experience our tradition of excellence for yourself.

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Go Green

Dry cleaning has dramtically changed for the better over the last decade. We employ the best technologies and practices for a truly green dry cleaning process, SYSTEM-K4.

SYSTEM-K4 is a biodegradable, halogen-free solvent that does not pose a risk to air, water, soil or you. It has an outstanding cleaning power and is odorless, dermatologically approved, and pleasant to the touch.

In addition, we use Bio-bags/Reusable bags (upon request/automatic for delivery), Biodegradable-Poly-Bags, Recycle hangers, and implement recycling practices as much as possible through out our business.

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Service Driven

We know that our customers have unique lifestyles that may require different needs such as having your items folded or on hangers, starch vs no starch, press only vs clean only, and so on. We take our customer requests seriously and do our best to accommodate any special request. We want you to not only look good but feel good with your experience with us at Helena's.

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Impeccable Quality

We employ a multi-point inspection to ensure every garment is thoroughly looked over before it is prepped and ready to wear. We want you to look your best, it shows us a job well done. In addition we check for loose, missing or cracked buttons, open seams, and stains for spot treatment. If we discover any problems we automatically either fix it or get a hold of you to determine the best course of action for your garment. That’s just one example of what sets us apart from any dry cleaner you’ve ever tried.

When you look good, We look Good

Price List

  • Please contact us for any pricing inquiries you may have
  • All pricing subject to change, depending on Material | Lined | Weight | Length
  • Price on certain items may increase due to the condition of fabric
  • Price list does not inlcude sales tax
  • Base Price list effective as of Sept-2017
  • COUPONS.jpg (spring coupon coming soon)
  • PRICE-LIST.pdf
Suits Men|Women
base (2-pc) $22.35
base $10.16
shorts $10.16
Men's Shirt
laundered (machine finished) $4.19
Shirt|Blouse (hand pressed) $9.27
Polo|Pull-over $7.57
Sweater $11.04
base $15.45
overcoat $20.35
base $12.48
base $7.95
down $14.95
base $8.19
scarves $9.18
Base $16.82
Gown $37.95
Wedding Dress
Base (clean & finish) $175.99
Clean & Preserve $220.99
Duvet | Quilt | Bdsprd $35.00+
Blankets, Base $25.00+
Comforters (vary size/weight) $45+
Sleeping Bag (base) $29.97
Sheet $10.99
Pillow Case $3.27
small $15.00
medium $19.00
large $22.00
Laundry, Wash & Fold (3-lb min)
Basic $2.80/lb
Special Instructions $3.10/lb

Schedule a Pick-up

  • We offer Free Pick-up and Delivery Mon-Friday
  • Same-Day Service: notify us by 8am
  • Next-Day Service: notify us by 9am
  • Regular Turn-Around Time: Request pick-up by 9am, if requesting after 9am call 206-282-0873 and we'll do our best to accommodate
  • Schedule a Pick-up

Turn Around Time

  • General turn around time is 2 business days, 4 business days for household items, and 7 business days for alterations
  • However there are times when items need special attention and may require more time
  • Please alert us if a quicker turn-around time is needed and we'll do our best to accommodate

Hours of Operation

  • QA Store Hours: Mon-fri 7am-730pm, Sat 8-6pm
  • Interbay Store Hours: Mon-fri 7am-7pm, Sat 8-6pm
  • Delivery Days: Mon-Friday
  • Same Day Service Mon-Friday: Cut off time is 8am for delivery request, 8am for QA location, and 10am for our Interbay location
  • Holiday Schedule- REDUCED HOURS: New Years/Christmas Eve and CLOSED: New Years/Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July

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